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About DNB Vapes

The company was originally formed as a sideline business to run alongside side our (Bob and Nathan) current employment but with a little bit of bad luck the company we both worked for decided to close down leaving both of us unemployed. This was back in early January 2017, it quickly became evident that both of us wanted to give the Vaping shop a go so decided frantically and with very little time and money and probably only £1000 worth of stock to find a small shop to set up and run our business from, times we’re hard and time was definitely running out and both of us were starting to discuss other employment and I know we would have both been fine should we have stayed in that trade.

The first stand-alone shop was at 19 Mill Street in Brierley hill and was just the right size for us at the time and we moved in and started trading within 5 days of receiving the keys (trust me when I say this we put some hours in during those 5 days). The business was slow but we persevered, the days were long working 7 am till 7 pm on a daily basis with sometimes only seeing one customer all day but we stuck at it
It was quickly becoming evident that we needed a bigger shop and as luck would have it the was a shop recently come available directly opposite our and 5 times the size with own toilet and kitchen and office space so through months of talking between ourselves we decided to go for the bigger shop. 12-hour day trading never ceased for a single day and we had the grand opening party of our new shop at 8 maple row, mill street on 1st December 2017 and this is where we are currently situated. The only time we have been closed in our 4 years of trading is due to Christmas day and new years day
2020 and the start of 2021 has been the toughest yet for business but we will survive to trade another day and we are so proud and excited to be launching this website in early 2021

We stayed away from online retail for many years because we believed we couldn’t offer our level of customer service if it was not face to face but sometimes you have to roll with the punches and go with what you think is right at the time. Thank you to all our new and existing customers and we look forward to many more years of trade