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Doozy Vape – Seriously Nice – 100ml – Frozen Apple Berry

Doozy Vape – Seriously Nice – 100ml – Frozen Apple Berry


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Doozy Vape - Seriously Nice - 100ml - Frozen Apple Berry

A Luscious combination of Red Raspberries and Crispy Green Apples Frozen together to form a Nice all day vape.



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Shortfill e-liquids were created as a way to get around the TPD’s 10ml restriction on bottle sizes for any e-liquid containing nicotine.
With shortfill e-liquids, you get a large bottle which is only part-filled with 0mg e-liquid. There’s enough space left for you to pour in one or two 10ml bottles of high-strength nicotine shot,  so that it balances out to your required strength.
For example, if you add 10ml of 18mg e-liquid to 50ml of shortfill, 0mg e-liquid you’ll be left with 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. Anyone looking to stock up on a lot of e-liquid for as cheap as possible! These e-liquids work out to have the lowest price per 10ml out of any of our kits or multibuy offers, making them an ideal choice for any heavy vapers or those of you using juice-hungry sub-ohm tanks.
However, because shortfill e-liquids are mostly made from nicotine-free e-liquid, this does mean that they are limited to the lower nicotine strengths. If you use 6mg e-liquid or lower, then a shortfill e-liquid is a great choice to go for. You can even experiment with the different strengths and viscosity of the various nicotine shots available.